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The project aims at exploring Pleistocene human evolution in East Africa and contextualise our lineage ecologically and chronologically as part of a broader and longer African evolutionary landscape. As part of the Ng’ipalajem team, the successful candidate will contribute to both project-wide and role-specific tasks. In terms of the project, he/she will assist the PI in (1) the running of the project; (2) the implementation of the project’s research, communication and scientific strategy; (3) the development of the project’s database(s); and (4) participate in all of the project’s fieldwork in the Turkana Basin, contributing to both its preparation and implementation. In relation to role-specific responsibilities, he/she will be expected to (1) take a leading role on the palaeontological field exploration and interpretation of the new Turkana localities, (2) work on the description and analysis of the faunal remains discovered, (3) establish their taxonomic and ecomorphological diversity through time, and (4) carry out comparisons to other Quaternary African faunas in order to explore regional and inter-regional patterns of change in Pleistocene East African ecological communities. Besides scientific writings, he/she will also be expected to contribute to the writing of reports and the supervision of student projects working in association with the project.

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