Post-Doc : Anthropology and archaeology lab coordination (Calgary)

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The Lab Coordinator reports to the Principle Investigator and works in a laboratory setting overseeing the day-to-day operations and cleaning of the lab facility. The laboratory supports the PI's research on the African Stone Age, investigating how climate change and paleo environmental conditions influenced hominid dietary behaviour and stone tool use, and how these factors act as key drivers in human evolutionary research. This position works closely with the PI and the project team members. It is critical that the incumbent has the ability to follow specific directions and established research protocols in palaeoenvironmental analysis. The primary purpose of this position is to oversee the day-to-day operations and cleaning of the lab facility. The Lab Coordinator executes projects and services, ordering materials and maintaining an inventory to ensure that the lab is maintained with supplies and runs functionally. This position updates procedures and makes recommendations to improve efficiency. This position maintains equipment and coordinates lab safety. Summary of Key Responsibilities: Oversee all laboratory research projects and assignments; Process geo-archaeological, palaeobiological, and geochemical samples following established research protocols; Analyze and quantify microbotanical remains, such as starch and phytoliths; Orientate new team members, such as students, on research procedures.

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