Post-Doc : Landscape archaeology of Southwest Asia (Durham)

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Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the field of the landscape archaeology of Southwest Asia, working on the Climate, Landscape, Settlement and Society: Exploring Human-Environmental Interaction in the Ancient Near East (CLaSS) project. The project is funded by the ERC and began in 2019, and the postholder will report to the project PI, Dr Dan Lawrence. The CLaSS project investigates the relationship between climate fluctuations and the emergence of complex social and political formations over the Holocene. The project has been collecting archaeological settlement data and archaeobotanical data (plant and tree remains) and zooarchaeological data for the entire Fertile Crescent region, and combining these with climate simulations derived from General Circulation Models (GCMs). The resulting datasets represent the largest of their kind ever compiled, covering the entire Holocene and an area of 600,000 km2. The postholder will be responsible for the maintenance and organisation of the existing settlement datasets and database, and will also lead on the development of land use models using a variety of techniques and drawing on the full range of data sources available within the project. They will have access to the university supercomputing services to support this work. They may also be required to produce maps and perform simple spatial analysis for other members of the project, such as the archaeobotanical team.

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