Post-Doc : Junior research 3D modeller and developer (Amsterdam)

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The 4D Research Lab is a place where scientists, 3D modelers and IC specialists come together and collaborate on inventive solutions for important (contemporary) research questions in the humanities. It is located at the interface between fundamental research, applied science and science communication and valorisation. The 4D Research Lab's field of work extends over, but is not limited to, the entire humanities with a focus on historical architecture, archaeology, heritage and landscape, and is by definition interdisciplinary. As junior research 3D modeller and developer you will assist in larger projects of the 4D Research Lab, and be responsible for the full execution of smaller projects. Typical projects include 3D digitisation of cultural heritage or archaeological objects and architecture, virtual 3D reconstruction, presenting and visualising 3D data on the web using and modifying existing 3D libraries and platforms, and the development of VR or AR for research and education. You will be responsible for the historical, archaeological and archival research in the case of historical reconstruction, and in all cases write detailed reports on the procedures of 3D modelling and app creation. Some of these are published on our own platform, the 4DRL Report Series. Since of the interdisciplinary nature of many of the 4D Research Lab’s projects, you will work in an exciting and dynamical environment and collaborate with researchers and practitioners with many different backgrounds in arts and humanities.

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