Post-Doc : Computer vision for earth observation (Venice)

Logo IIT CaFoscariYou will be working in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary group, where computational scientists (Machine Learning, Computer Vision, image processing, big data and high-performance computing), material engineers, chemists, physicists, and archaeologists collaborate, each with their own expertise, to carry out common research. Research at Center for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT) focuses on promoting cutting-edge technologies and approaches for analysis and preservation of Cultural Heritage. This includes photo-interpretation of hyperspectral data, record creation of heritage sites using GIS software and archaeological survey activities. Within the team, your main responsibilities will be: Collaborate with machine learning researchers providing GIS domain knowledge needed to develop an Artificial Intelligence method for automatically identify buried archaeological sites; Carry out photo-interpretation for creation of archaeological data-sets; Perform archaeological field walking survey coupled with sample geophysics tests to verify the correctness of the automated identifications of sites.

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