Post-Doc : Macroecological studies on large-herbivore effects on past or present ecosystems & plant diversity (Aarhus)

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This position is focused on studying wild large-herbivore effects on ecosystems & plant diversity through either macroecological studies on present-day and/or past ecosystems. There are two potential focus areas for this position, one of which will be selected based on the match to the selected candidate for the position: (1) Pollen-based reconstructions of Middle and Early Pleistocene warm-period ecosystem structure in Europe, based on existing pollen records and land cover modelling, to help better understand natural ecosystem structure to inform our basic understanding of the evolution of European biota and to inform rewilding science and actions. We may also include complementary work on habitat and diet of large herbivores in these systems via approaches such as stable isotopes (including new analyses of existing specimens). (2) Human-driven global environmental changes are increasingly driving shifts in plant communities. In this project, we will assess if and how these dynamics is affected by the abundance and functional diversity of ungulates through macroecological analyses of large vegetation plot data sets alongside faunal community information.

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