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The Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology at George Washington University seeks a Postdoctoral Scientist for a one-year position. The Postdoctoral Scientist is expected to bridge research topics between two or more of the different labs that make up the center (see our website for description of the different labs. The Postdoctoral Scientist will work alongside faculty members of the Center in a research capacity, will participate in the training of graduate and undergraduate students, and will assist the faculty, students and department staff in managing and coordinating the activities of the center, including the weekly meetings, occasional visiting scholars, other outreach activities, and assuring the safety and security of the candidate’s workspaces. Dutiy Carries out research in collaboration with 2 or more CASHP labs on topic(s) of interest in the biological, behavioral, ecological, cognitive, and/or genetic aspects of the evolution of humans and non-human primates.

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