Post-Doc : Past social networks (Aarhus)

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The Past Social Networks Project is an interdisciplinary project that draws on classical archaeology, network science, history and computer science. How do present-day social networks differ from those in the past, and how have these structures changed over centuries? The key to these important questions lies with archaeological and historical network research, offering the material and textual sources that document interactions between past individuals. But answering such questions is currently hampered by a number of challenges: past social network data are rarely being made open access and a methodological pipeline for comparative studies of centuries-long change in past social networks is missing. The Past Social Networks Project aims to address these challenges. We are looking for an intellectually flexible and dedicated researcher with a background in digital humanities, computer science, archaeology, classics, ancient history, or classical archaeology, preferably with a specialisation in network science or data management, and with strong interests in computational methods in the humanities.

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