Post-Doc : Archaeological textiles (Cambridge)

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The McDonald Institute invites applications for a full-time Research Associate in Archaeological Ceramics to work for 24 months on the ERC Advanced Grant funded project: Reverse Engineering Collective Action: Complex Technologies in Stateless Societies (REVERSEACTION) led by Prof Marcos Martinón-Torres (PI). The appointee will join a team based at the University of Cambridge, along with international collaborators, to work on the above project, which investigates the production and organisation of luxury technologies in archaeological societies without coercive authorities. The project combines science methods (geochemistry, microscopy, environmental archaeology, isotopic analyses) with social anthropology and experimentation, and has a strong research base and interest in Colombia. The Research Associate in Archaeological Textiles will lead on the research strand of the project focused on textiles from Colombia, with much of the work concentrating on the textile collections at the Gold Museum of Bogota and recently excavated textile-making materials. They will work closely with other team members in Cambridge and Colombia, and integrate their research data with those obtained on other materials such as metals, ceramics and lithics.

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