Post-Doc : Geometric and traditional morphometrics (Trondheim)


We seek to appoint a three-year postdoctoral research fellow (PDR) specializing in geometric and traditional morphometrics, to be applied to archaeological and historical osteological specimens of marine fish and sea mammals. The successful applicant will: (i) join a growing interdisciplinary team studying human impacts on key marine taxa globally over the last two millennia; (ii) lead their own measurement-driven research, within the overall goals of the 4-OCEANS project; (iii) collaborate with project team members specializing in ancient DNA, bulk and compound-specific stable isotopes, zooarchaeology and environmental history; and (iv) build collaborations with national and international institutions and researchers. Additionally, the PDR will have the opportunity to invest in state-of-the art data-capture technologies and conduct research in national and international collaborating institutions. More specifically, the successful applicant will design data-collection strategies for traditional (calliper-based) morphometrics, 2D image-based geometric morphometrics (GMM) and GMM using 3D models. They will establish protocols for comparable data collection across the team, carry out primary laboratory recording, conduct quantitative data analysis in cooperation with other project members.

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