Post-Doc : Environmental archaeology, “rewilding” later prehistory project (Oxford)

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Oxford Archaeology (OA) is seeking applications from able, creative and motivated early-career researchers to operate as an environmental archaeology specialist and a core point of contact for nature conservation practitioners on a UKRI-funded research project: “Rewilding” later prehistory: Bronze and Iron Age ecologies from the perspective of the wild. The “Rewilding” project will trial a new mode of industry-led cross-sector research in exploring later prehistoric wildlife and its relevance to contemporary ecological debates. The current nature conservation concept of “rewilding” will be recast in order to reveal the “wonder and enchantment” of archaeological wildlife during the Bronze and Iron Ages – a key period in the transition from “wild” to “farmed” landscapes in Britain. Plant and animal remains data will be collated from diverse study areas – the Upper Thames Valley, the Fen Basin and Northumberland. An original multi-stranded toolkit will be developed for investigating archaeological wildlife, bringing together cutting-edge scientific methods and emerging interpretative ideas. By giving wildlife due analytical attention, a richer and more vibrant understanding of later prehistory will be built, offering a serious challenge to existing human-centred landscape histories, and a vital link to current ecological practices.

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