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The Isotope Research Technician will be responsible for managing and delivering external isotope projects and associate services in the Departmental Isotope Laboratory within the Durham Archaeomaterials Research Centre (DARC), an archaeometric research facility based in the Department of Archaeology offering advanced analytical services to academia and industry. The post holder will be responsible for expanding our current customer base, liaising with customers, DARC and other University staff, progressing orders, undertaking routine laboratory preparation of samples for isotope ratio mass spectrometry, data analysis and interpretation, producing fully researched and contextualised specialist isotope reports to agreed deadlines ! and basic accounting. In addition, the post-holder will support internal research grant activity and laboratory-based teaching. The post holder will liaise closely with members of the technical support group for Archaeological Science. The post will also involve cross-Faculty collaboration with colleagues in the Department of Earth Sciences. He/she will be expected to maintain, attract and encourage a client base, develop promotional materials, extend the research portfolio of the department through production and interpretation of new data, meet deadlines for projects and contribute to problem-solving by working independently and quickly and communicating outcomes to relevant staff. The ideal candidate will be organized, methodical and practical but able to respond to changing deadlines and new challenges in a flexible, informed and considered manner.

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