Post-Doc : Nanocomposite design for material preservation (Venezia)

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You’d be working in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary group, where materials engineers, chemists, physicists, computational scientists, conservators, art historians and archaeologists collaborate, each with their own expertise, to carry out common research. The Center for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT) is coordinated by Arianna Traviglia, who has extensive experience in mediating the inclusion of technology within the study and management of cultural artefacts. Research at CCHT focuses on promoting new technologies and approaches for analysis and preservation of tangible Cultural Heritage. This includes characterization of Cultural Heritage assets and development of protective treatments. Within the team, your main responsibilities will be: Supervise the development of nanostructured materials to be applied for the protection and consolidation of heritage objects (including glass, frescoes, metal items, manuscripts and paintings); Oversee the characterization of CH assets and support developing sensing technologies to be integrated in the protective layers in order to monitor the state of the degradation of heritage items.

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