Post-Doc : Tropical archaebotany (Exeter)

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You will work on a project entitled LASTJOURNEY ‘The End of the Journey: The Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Colonisation of South America. This is an international, interdisciplinary project integrating a range of state-of-the-art techniques in archaeology, archaeobotany, zooarchaeology, palaeoclimate, ancient DNA to investigate Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene human adaptations and impacts across the diverse landscapes of northwest South America. The post will include participating and/or directing archaeological excavations directed at recovering plant remains and plant processing tools with the project’s collaborators; undertaking analysis of charred macrobotanical remains from archaeological sites and soil-depth profiles in vegetation plots; writing archaeological reports and submitting results for publication in several leading international journals; liaising close with the Exeter-based archaeology and zooarchaeology PDRAs to closely integrate zooarchaeological, palaeobotanical and archaeological data.

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