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The postdoctoral Research Associate will conduct geoarchaeological research as part of the AHRC-funded project TerraSAgE: Terraces as Sustainable Agricultural Environments. TerraSAgE is geared towards uncovering knowledge of past landscapes in the Mediterranean region and using it to model scenarios of change and thereby inform sustainable strategies for the future of land-management. Terraces provide an excellent case for understanding long-term environmental impacts of land-use and evaluating long-term sustainability in agricultural practice and policy. The project is a collaboration between the universities of Newcastle (Prof. Sam Turner, Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito), St Andrews (Dr Tim Kinnaird) and Granada (Prof. José Maria Martin Civantos) working with partners across the Mediterranean. The PDRA will carry out analysis of archaeological soils and sediments using thin section micromorphology and complemetary techniques, including pXRF. They will work closely with other members of the project team in the UK and internationally, contributing to developing a new understanding of the formation, uses and management of agricultural terraces.

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