Post-Doc : Research assistant in archaeological science (Cambridge)

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The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research invites applications for a fixed-term Research Assistant in Archaeological Science. The post holder will work primarily as part of the ERC Advanced Grant funded project: Reverse Engineering Collective Action: Complex Technologies in Stateless Societies (REVERSEACTION) led by Prof Marcos Martinón-Torres (PI), but they will also support various other projects led by the PI. This is a unique opportunity to join a leading team of archaeological scientists and other researchers, and to be exposed to a great variety of research methods, questions and approaches in a multinational environment. We seek a reliable and dynamic individual who is interested in archaeological science, keen to learn on the job, able to work in a team, and who has initiative. The post holder is expected to work in multiple locations (museum, laboratory, library and office), including research trips abroad. Key responsibilities will include: providing research support in the documentation of archaeological artefacts (including pXRF and 3D scanning) preparation and analysis of samples of archaeological materials (predominantly metals but potentially including ceramics, lithics, textiles and others), database and sample archive maintenance, bibliographic research, photography, and editing of graphs and figures to publication standards. Computer literacy is essential, as well as demonstrated ability to learn both new software and laboratory protocols. No candidate is expected to bring all of these skills, and a great degree of training on the job is expected.

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