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The postdoc will be part of the research project “MINERVA: Understanding the centuries-long functioning of the Roman economy”, headed by Principal Investigator Associate Professor Tom Brughmans and funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF). MINERVA is an interdisciplinary project that draws on classical archaeology, network science and complex systems simulation. The archaeology of the Roman Empire offers us a unique glimpse into the way in which large integrated economies can evolve over centuries. However, understanding how centuries-long economic changes emerge from the day-to-day behaviour of individuals requires new methods and vast amounts of data. This project will combine for the first time state-of-the art computer simulation techniques from complexity economics, the integration of newly available large ceramics evidence from hundreds of sites across the Empire needed to test hypotheses, and the first highly detailed model of the Roman road network offering the medium for flows of goods and information. We are looking for an intellectually flexible and dedicated researcher with a background in digital humanities, computer science, archaeology, economics, economic history, ancient history or classical archaeology, preferably with a specialisation in simulation, and with strong interests in computational methods in the humanities and archaeology.

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