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The interdisciplinary project Looking Up: the future of early prehistoric heritage in Europe's mountains combines geological and archaeological approaches to high mountain landscapes to develop our understanding and management of heritage in these landscapes with a primary case study in the Cairngorms, Scotland, UK. The Research Scientist position available focuses on 1) the development of predictive models of hunter-gatherer site location, and 2) recommendations for managing heritage in high mountain landscapes. Candidates are expected to have a PhD in archaeology. Candidates will require expertise in GIS and agent-based models, ideally with a background in hunter-gatherer archaeology and/or cultural resource management. The Research Scientist appointed will have two primary areas of responsibility: - to develop agent-based models within GIS to identify potential areas of archaeological significance. This will integrate the results of diachronic snow and ice models developed through the geological analysis. Comparative perspectives on the location of high mountain hunter-gatherer archaeological sites in other regions will be used as inputs for these models.

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