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We are seeking a Research Fellow for the Creative Adaptive Solutions for the Treescapes Of Rivers (CASTOR) project to work with Dr Hannah O’Regan in the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University Park Campus, University of Nottingham. The CASTOR project is highly interdisciplinary and is funded by Natural Environment Research Council, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council under the Future of UK Treescapes Programme. The CASTOR project aims co-produce knowledge and identify pathways to resilient riparian treescapes by: Mapping the potential for riparian treescape expansion in the UK and identifying ecological, historical and socio-economic connections associated with riparian corridors; Mapping literary, historical, ecological, and cultural heritage values in the context of expanding/changing treescapes; Exploring the use of Social Arts Practice and participatory methods to co-produce knowledge on multi-scalar perceptions, values and motivations associated with riparian treescapes; Critically evaluating financial incentives and opportunities for stakeholders; engaging with land-managers in rural areas; Developing alternative scenarios (explored through virtual reality, arts installations, workshops and web-based GIS) related to natural and assisted regeneration (rewilding) of river corridors; Developing spatial models (of connectivity, hydrology, species diversity, regeneration stage) to assess the resilience of riparian treescapes, as self-organizing systems; Exploring through engagement with arts practitioners (e.g. creative writing, artists in residence) the community connections – temporal/spatial – to riparian woodlands.

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