Post-Doc : Overcoming the frontiers of biomolecular studies on human history and adaptation using palaeoproteomics (Copenhagen)

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The position is supported by the ERC Advanced Grant “BACKWARD - Overcoming the Frontiers of Biomolecular Studies on Human History and Adaptation Using Palaeoproteomics”. BACKWARD will address major unsettled debates regarding African and Asian extinct hominid phylogeny, by developing and deploying a new generation of palaeoproteomic workflows, incorporating the most advanced mass spectrometry and bioinformatic solutions currently available. You will work to establish novel methodologies to: (i) maximise ancient protein recovery from fossil bone and tooth specimens generally older than 1 million years, and (ii) screen large sets of morphologically non-informative isolated fossil fragments of bones and teeth, to identify the species and sex of the organism from which they originated.

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