Post-Doc : Non-invasive on-site XRF and Raman analyses of Chinese Qing Dynasty enamelled masterpieces made using European ingredients/recipes (Paris)


With the support of ANR EnamelFC project (Global émail : Une histoire à parts égales des échanges culturels et technologiques entre la France et la Chine (milieu 17e-fin 18e siècle)) associating French historians and French museums, and of bilateral cooperation with Palace Museum, Beijing, our objective is to seek in a perfectly non-invasive way, on-site, using mobile XRF and Raman spectroscopy set-ups in the material of the selected Chinese objects themselves the evidence of the use of European ingredients or recipes in the enamelling procedures, similarly to what was done for the first porcelains of Arita (Japan) in the late 16th century.

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