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The SEASCAPES project will conduct a large-scale programme of AMS radiocarbon dating (including compound-specific radiocarbon analysis/CSRA) and Bayesian radiocarbon modelling for the Bell Beaker period in the Central and Western Mediterranean. The successful candidate will be responsible for the collation and evaluation of existing radiocarbon dates, and the selection of 360 new samples for radiocarbon dating. They will work on the radiocarbon dating of these samples, both from absorbed fatty acids in pottery and other short-lived materials, and on the Bayesian chronological modelling of the dates. The postdoctoral researcher is expected to contribute substantially to academic publications and dissemination of the project outcomes to non-academic audiences. The postdoctoral researcher will be based at VIAS, University of Vienna, under the supervision of the Austrian PI Maria Ivanova-Bieg, and will work with an international research group consisting of the two (Austrian and UK) project PIs, two co-investigators and a second postdoctoral researcher.

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