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We are offering a two-year postdoctoral position to reconstruct human landscapes and adaptations in the wider Kattegatt region of southern Scandinavia during the Early Stone Age. This area played a vital role in the postglacial resettlement of northern Europe at a time of turbulent climatic and environmental fluctuations. However, more recent land uplift combined with rising sea levels have fractured this archaeological record into a complex mosaic of submerged landscapes, raised shorelines and terrestrial sites, hindering efforts to achieve an updated and more holistic understanding of early prehistoric cultural trajectories. Divergent national and regional research traditions have added further interpretive biases. Convergent interest in improving archaeological understandings of the Kattegatt region has stimulated growing cooperation between Lund and Aarhus Universities. The strengthening of these collaborations provides a broader academic framework for this postdoctoral position.

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