Post-Doc : Heritage science techniques for rock degradation / conservation (Barcelona)

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LArcHer project aims at pioneering a new and more comprehensive way of understanding one of Europe’s most extraordinary bodies of prehistoric art, awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 1998: Levantine rock art (LRA). The ground-breaking nature of the project relies on combining a multidisciplinary (Archaeology, Heritage Science and IT) and multiscale approach (from microanalysis to landscape perspectives) to gain a holistic view of this art. It also aims at closing existing gaps between science and heritage mainstreams, to better understand the values and threats affecting this tradition and bring about a change in the way we understand, care, use and manage this millenary legacy. One of the key aims of this project, related to this position, is to achieve a new understanding of the materials involved in rock art, and particular to this positions, the bedrocks used as canvas. The successful applicant will be expected to: develop leadership in research on the multiple facets of stone analysis and conservation; characterization of inorganic compounds of prehistoric art bedrocks, and other potential archaeological materials; use of digital imaging techniques ; explore interactions between stone materials and microorganisms.

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