Post-Doc : Origin, development and technology of Bronze Age blades of the Sögel-Wohlde district (Mannheim)

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The Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archäometrie gGmbH (CEZA) is a nationally and internationally operating research institute. Founded in 2004, the institute provides services in the field of archaeometry offering material analyses, authenticity tests and age determinations on material of cultural heritage and beyond. Furthermore, CEZA initiates own and participates in research projects and develops new methods or approaches for the investigation of cultural assets. We invite applications in isotope geochemistry as part of an interdisciplinary research project funded by the German Research Foundation. This project will use a novel integrated approach with chemical and isotopic analysis (tin, copper, lead) as well as metallography and technological investigations to understand the relationships between Bronze swords from Central Europe. The overall goal is to unravel the origin of these objects and to shed light on ancient migration and technology and material transfer. The candidate will be an integral part of the analytical and research environment of the CEZA. Responsibilities: analyses of stable isotope ratios (tin, copper, silver) of archaeological bronzes and other materials (e.g. ores); analyses of lead isotope ratios of bronzes and other materials; evaluation of analytical results and their implication for archaeological objects and cultural history.

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