Post-Doc : Amino acid research from modern and ancient marine specimens (York)

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The departments of Archaeology and Chemistry wish to appoint two postdoctoral Research Associates to contribute to the project “SEACHANGE: Quantifying the Impact of Major Cultural Transitions on Marine Ecosystem Functioning and Biodiversity”. This 6-year grant is funded by the European Research Council and led by Professor James Scourse at the University of Exeter with collaborators at the University of York, Johannes Gutenberg University, Copenhagen University, University of Queensland and University of Bergen. The project will apply a structured and systematic approach to the reconstruction of marine ecosystem baselines and quantify the impact of cultural transitions on marine ecosystems. It will investigate five key cultural transitions: the European transition to farming (8000 to 5000 years BP; WP1), the European pre-industrial to modern (last 2000 years; WP2), the Australian hunter-gatherer (aboriginal) to colonial (last 6,000 years; WP3), the Viking age settlement of Iceland (WP4) and the advent of intensive whaling/fishing in Antarctica. The Department of Chemistry wishes to appoint an analytical chemist/geochemist to be responsible for conducting amino acid research from modern and ancient marine specimens under the direction of Professor Kirsty Penkman with the support of Dr Sam Presslee.

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