Post-Doc : Reconstructing the practices of ancient Greco-Egyptian perfumery (Prague)

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The successful candidate will be part of a novel interdisciplinary team working together to produce a historical and lexical survey of the ingredients and methods of the art and science of perfume production in Greco-Roman Egypt, and to replicate, test and analyze the techniques of ancient perfumery in a controlled laboratory setting. The candidate will focus on perfumery in Egyptian sources (hieroglyphs, Hieratic, Demotic), in particular on documentary, medical and magical papyri of the relevant period(s). The position offers an opportunity to be part of ground-breaking research applying philosophical, philological, historical, and contemporary scientific methods (organic chemistry and experimental replication of ancient recipes), as well as offering creative opportunities for digital research dissemination and outreach. The Postdoctoral Fellow will work closely with other team members from the fields of the history and philosophy of science, classics, Egyptology, archaeology, organic and bio-chemistry, botany, and olfactory and sensory history. She / he will participate in the project’s colloquium, workshops, and its other activities and is expected to contribute to the project’s collaborative outputs and produce project-related publications.

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