Post-Doc : Marine geosciences: offshore paleo-reconstruction Flemish seascape (Paris)


Join our Research team as a geologist or geophysicist for the FWO SBO project “TESTEREP” (TEsterep REconstructed for Policy making and Public engagement), which aims to reconstruct and map the evolution of part of the Flemish Seascape since c. 5000 BP. You will perform research on the offshore paleo-geomorphological change off the Flemish coastline, in an area where once a peninsula (Testerep) was located. Within the larger project, offshore geophysical and sedimentological data will be combined with other intertidal and terrestrial geological and archaeological data to extend our spatio-temporal understanding of the evolution and demise of this former Testerep peninsula. Results of these data will be communicated to various stakeholders, including the wider public.

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