Post-Doc : 3D virtual research environments (Maastricht)

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This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic research team and collaborate with diverse stakeholders in the Netherlands and beyond to develop a Virtual Research Environment (an infrastructure) for 3D scholarship. You will be working together with the UM Staff (PIs, research software engineer, research assistant) and the project partners to lead the technical development of the 3D infrastructure. You will work in consultation with CLARIAH and DANS as a team to design, develop, and deploy the portal that will provide access to interactive 3D scholarship, ensuring that shared project goals are met and that building blocks developed interoperate with existing infrastructures and standards. For this reason, you may also spend time with the CLARIAH team and will receive from them the necessary support and supervision. For this, it is also expected that you may need to travel to and stay in Amsterdam for the time they will be working with CLARIAH.

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