Post-Doc : Increasing the FAIRness of phytolith data (Barcelona)

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The Culture and Socio-Ecological Dynamics Reserach Group (CaSEs), based at the Department of Humanities of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, is offering a 1-year part-time position (0.6 FTE) within the project Increasing the FAIRness of Phytolith Data, funded by EOSC-LIFE. The project, in collaboration with Historic England and The Milá and Fonatanals Institute of the Spanish National Research Council (IMF-CSIC), aims to establish the first steps towards more open and FAIR data practices within the phytolith reasearch community. The first step of this research involve: the assessment of the level of FAIRness of existing phytolith datasets and practices; the drafting of guidelines in how to improve data sharing for existing and future datasets; the introduction of these recommendations to the phytolith community.

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