Post-Doc : Teaching and research assistant in zooarchaeology (Groningen)

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The Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA), a research institute of the University of Groningen, engages in research in Northwest Europe, the Mediterranean and the Polar regions, and stimulates and integrates fundamental research on past human societies and their environments, from Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers to complex urban societies. The research and teaching assistant reports to the lecturer of zooarchaeology and the director of GIA. The main tasks within the function are: analysing faunal remains (bones and shells) from archaeological sites from Europe and Asia following appropriate protocols, co-creating new protocols if necessary; preparing zooarchaeological samples for destructive analysis following set protocols, if necessary co-write new protocols; supporting and organising teaching and training activities in zooarchaeology, especially in lab courses; participating in fieldwork and research visits to depots and museums in The Netherlands and abroad (sometimes in remote locations in the world).

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