Post-Doc : Cultural heritage beamline at inverse compton source Smart*Light (Delft)

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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Delft University of Technology has been at the forefront of the scientific investigation of historical paintings by X-rays. The application of advanced X-ray sources that offer high intensity and tuneable X-ray energies will enable further in-depth study of these objects. In collaboration with institutes including TU Eindhoven, the universities of Antwerp and Gent and several museums, we are developing Smart*Light, an Inverse Compton Source, colloquially named "Tabletop Synchrotron“. Experiments exploring the energy range between 10 and 22 keV are expected to start early Fall 2021. Except for the investigation of cultural heritage objects, Smart*Light will be used for various other applications. We are offering a Postdoc position to participate in the early experiments at Smart*Light and in the characterisation of the source. You will strengthen the team that installs and aligns the components of the beamline, develop experimental workflows for sample analysis, characterize the beamline and perform the first experiments with art objects at the beamline. As little infrastructure exists at the moment you will welcome to bring in your own experiences and ideas.

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