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The successfully recruited candidate will conduct both Research and Teaching Activity to a level compatible with the standards of Sorbonne Université (SU). In particular, she/he is expected to nurture her/his Research network and to actively engage in the Research Themes developed around the Laboratory for Non-Destructive Characterization opening in September 2021.
From a teaching point of view, the new Faculty member will be mainly engaged in teaching courses in Heritage science and Material characterization in cultural heritage, offered in the Master in Physics - Specialization in Non-Destructive Characterization with Applications for Cultural Heritage, opening in September 2021 and, to a lesser extent, in the Bachelor in Physics. It is worthwhile noting that the programs are designed by Sorbonne Université - Faculté des Sciences in France, while courses are delivered exclusively in English. The programs follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and the diplomas are awarded by SU. All high-profile candidates with a Physics or Material Science background will be considered even if special attention will be given to those who specialize in non-destructive techniques applied to cultural heritage.
From a research perspective, the Faculty member will participate to the development of the newly open Laboratory for Non-Destructive Characterization and will develop collaborations in the field of Non-Destructive Characterization applied to Cultural Heritage, more specifically in the UAE.

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