logo universidad de cantabriaThe RA position is advertised within an ERC-Consolidator Grant funded by the ERC Executive Agency (ERCEA) on “Subsistence and human resilience to sudden climatic events in Europe during MIS3”. The main objective of this project is to evaluate the subsistence and resilience of Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans to MIS3 climatic events, in different archaeological sites located in the southern European Peninsulas, dating from Mousterian to Gravettian period. The RA will be responsible of the work tasks within WP3 related with the estimation of the climatic conditions in the Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition from the available proxies and those obtained along the project; of evaluating the carrying capacity of the different ecosystems along the study period considering the faunal assemblages of the archaeological sites located in Iberia, Italy, Croatia and Serbia; of applying SDMs to the species preserved in the deposits and setting up Agent-Based Models to test the different hypotheses of the project.

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