Post-Doc : Lecturer in archaeological and palaeoenvironmental chemistry (York)

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One of the distinctive research themes of the Department of Chemistry is Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental (Paleoenvironmental) Chemistry, linking to research in the departments of Archaeology, Environment and Geography, and Biology. We are active partners in BioArCh, which acts as a focus for our multidisciplinary approach to scientific archaeology and we wish to develop our work in this area further. We therefore seek to appoint to a lectureship an individual with research interests in archaeological and palaeoenvironmental chemistry, understood as the use of analytical methods to provide information about the nature, provenance or diagenesis of anthropogenic or environmentally derived materials found in the archaeological, sedimentary or fossil record.
We welcome interest from talented academics with an impressive research profile and a collegiate approach to their work. Specific research areas could include palaeoenvironmental or palaeoclimate reconstruction, preservation of organic matter, biogeochemistry, archaeological chemistry, geochronology and biomolecular palaeontology.

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