Post-Doc : Prehistoric archaeology or palaeoenvironmental studies with a focus on computational methods (Tübingen)

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The goal of the PALAEOSILKROAD project is to discover new Palaeolithic sites in the Tian Shan, Dzungar, and southern Altai foothills of Kazakhstan and use them to examine how hominin dispersals, population segmentation, and behavioural adaptations are correlated with past climatic phases during the last glacial cycle (ca. 110 000-11 500 years ago). Together with the PI and the team of archaeologists and geoarchaeologists, the successful candidate will develop paleogeographic and/or paleoecological models and test the viability of various Pleistocene dispersal route models in Central Asia. S/he will also work on integrating the project’s field data into the PaleoCore framework and preparing it for publication and sharing.

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