Post-Doc : Geo-referenced datasets of faunal data (Gothenburg)

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The main purpose of the job is to collaborate with other team members who aims to integrate existing and newly collected large-scale archaeological data, existing ancient genomes, dietary and mobility isotope results, land cover inferred from pollen diagrams, and new eDNA results. This will provide the basis for exploring the relations between patterns in these different phenomena and modelling how small-scale processes can generate large-scale patterns in genetic and cultural data. Specifically, to assist in creating geo-referenced datasets of faunal data and contributing to data analysis. The appointee will work with other team members to develop appropriate database structures and data description protocols for the coding of faunal information. Identify relevant published and online datasets for inclusion in the database, carry out agreed data coding procedures and, in collaboration with the project database coordinator, enter them into the database, ensuring that they are geo-referenced.

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