Associate professor in archaeological science (Stockholm)

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Archaeological Science is a specialization within the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies.where students gain special competence in the application of different analytical methods applied to the archaeological source material. The unit's education is broad and students are trained in several analytical methods that, combined with a humanistic theoretical perspective, will answer relevant archaeological questions. The unit conducts teaching and both basic and specialized research on e.g. life history in both humans and animals, as well as diet and mobility. Field work is mandatory on all levels. The unit further conducts research on resource utilization, genetics, pathology, settlement patterns and material studies. With the position the Archaeological Research laboratory aims to deepen and broaden research and education in Archaeological Science. At present, at the Department, there is a lecturer in Archaeological Science, specialized in material studies, lipid analysis and field work, why the Department is looking for an applicant with a complementary specialization.

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