Logo Yale UniversityWorks as part of a team to carry research in the degradation and treatment of works on paper and photographs. Projects will focus on the use of gels and ionic solutions for cleaning works and the use of silver nanoparticle sensors for monitoring gaseous emissions from objects and their micro-environments. Carries out accelerated lightfastness testing (microfading tests or MFT), multiband imaging, and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy on objects in Yale’s collections as well as simulacra of works on paper and photographs used for treatment and accelerated aging experiments. Performs conservation treatments under the supervision of the Head Conservator of Works on Paper at the Yale Center for British Art. Performs technical study of photographs as part of joint research projects between the Yale Center for British Art and IPCH. This position is based at Yale’s West Campus in Orange CT, but activities at collections, conservation laboratories and other research facilities require travel to Central Campus in downtown New Haven and nearby Science Park.

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