Post-Doc : Researcher in ancient DNA (Oslo)

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Ancient bone from archeological contexts provides a unique source of DNA that can be used to directly study evolutionary processes over time. Moreover, this DNA can provide biological information from specimens that cannot be obtained using traditional archaeological methods alone. We primarily work with bones from various archaeological contexts that range in age from several 100s to 1000s of years old. We also occasionally work with other material such as museum skins, seeds and sediment. We have a strong focus on using high-throughput sequencing (HTS) methods and we work in close collaboration with the Norwegian Sequencing Centre (NSC), also based at CEES. The project provides a unique opportunity to work in a high-profile research environment with exclusive biological samples using the latest aDNA methods and we offer excellent facilities and a great team. Depending on the level of experience, there may be opportunities to be involved in experimental design, data analyses and writing of scientific publications.

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