Some of the musical instruments stored in museums cannot be played for conservation reasons, and are sometimes incomplete or damaged (lost or broken parts, …). It is however possible to perform non destructive images (geometric, acoustical measurements, CT-scan, tomography, neutron imaging). From the inner shape of the air column, modeling techniques can virtually recover all the instrument, after reconstructing missing parts, and allows to hear the virtual sound of museal instruments and to better understand their physical, acoustical and vibratory functioning that can lead to making a replica. The fact that the museal instrument represents many original instruments is however an active research axis since the instrument may have been greatly deformed, deteriorated of modified with time, therefore not reflecting its original state. Infering historical data from written sources stored in the same museum can unveil some questions about the original instruments. This projects aims at reconstructing the shape and the sound of about ten brass instruments of Besson collection of Musée de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris, and making it available to the public.

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