Post-Doc : User-centric linked data for European Cultural Heritage (Amsterdam)

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Representations of objects of European cultural heritage (such as images, texts, music, films, buildings or artefacts) have been digitized and made widely available, including as Linked Open Data. Now is the time to make such datasets meaningful for users, through the design and development of appropriate interfaces. As the needs of different audiences vary, such tools should satisfy various scholarly and practical, but also narrative and aesthetic demands. In the European InTaVia project, we seek answers to research questions that will contribute to the achievement of these goals. How do we contextualize cultural heritage and biographical datasets in such a way that we can actually tell stories about our shared history? How do we connect such linked data to a variety of (interactive) visualization tools? What are appropriate user-centric methods for developing and evaluating such tools? If you are passionate about these topics and curious to find answers, then we are looking for you!

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