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The Department of Archaeogenetics of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology is seeking for its laboratory in Pharmapark Jena two technical assistants. The Department of Archaeogenetics is taking advantage of recent advances in molecular approaches to biomolecules, such as genome-wide DNA sequencing, to uncover a whole new range of information that can be retrieved from sample archives such as anthropological and archaeological collections. It is now possible to obtain detailed information about genetic relatedness, geographic origin, selective processes, or genetic structure of historical and prehistoric human, plant, animal, or even pathogenic populations using only tiny samples. Your tasks: Independent coordination of sample processing in large projects with several hundred individuals; Sample cleanup and sample collection on highly sensitive pre/historic sample material; Planning and executing complex molecular genetic experiments in the clean room (automated DNA extraction and single-stranded DNA library preparation for Illumina Next Generation sequencing), operating the pipetting robots; Planning and executing cross-project core analyses for the specific enrichment of genetic target sequences (InSolution Capture) as well as documenting the results; Archiving and providing experiment plans and progressions, analyses and results as well as output files of the instruments.

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