Proposed session for the CAA annual meeting, Ottawa-Gatineau 2017

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Organizer and chair : Adrian L. Burke, Université de Montréal - you can contact the organizer directly via email to see if your subject fits well in the session

This is a general session dedicated to the archaeological sciences or archaeometry. The purpose of the session is to highlight the latest applications, among Canadian archaeologists, of new technologies and instrumentation in answering archaeological questions. Presentations can cover any geographic area in the world and any time period. Presenters should include basic information on the instrumentation used and precision, accuracy, limits of detection, calibrations, and any methodological challenges or constraints. We strongly encourage presenters to also focus on the archaeological question at the root of the archaeometric analyses and how the application of new technologies or instrumentation helps to address questions of a social, political or economic nature.

* this session is sponsored by the Archéoscience/Archéosociale (As2) research team at Université de Montréal