"Iron Age gold in Celtic Europe – society, technology and archaeometry" in Toulouse

Iron Age gold has remarkable research potential that has only been explored insufficiently. The precious metal “par excellence” it is an extraordinary material due to its excellent preservation and fact that it can inform us on economic, social, symbolic and technological questions increasing our knowledge of the important cultural phenomena these objects are the products of.
This conference aims to present the results of a French-German research project "West Hallstatt Gold", financed by the ANR/DFG, and coordinated by B. Armbruster (CNRS-TRACES) and E. Pernicka (Heidelberg University). The novelty of this interdisciplinary project is to approach, for the first time, the gold artefacts of the first Iron Age comprehensively: from their production to their use, to their deposition and discovery.
A further objective of this conference "Iron Age gold in Celtic Europe – society, technology and archaeometry" ("L’or de l’âge du Fer en Europe celtique – société, technologie et archéométrie"), to be held in Toulouse 11-15th march 2015, is to position the results of the project within current international gold research in order to be able to establish the status quo of European Iron Age gold studies.
Papers presenting syntheses and new approaches to gold work and working, developed in the humanities (archaeology, social anthropology, experimental archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, history of technology, historiography) and in material sciences (archaeometry) are invited.
Oral and poster proposals should be submitted to the conference secretary before the 15th November 2014, with information about the institution of the author, title and abstract (1/2 page maximum).
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Contact Emilie Dubreucq, Barbara Ambruster, Pierre-Yves Milcent