2014 4 CLAThe IV Latin-American Conference on Archaeometry (IV CLA) will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, from October 27 to 31, 2014.

After the previous meeting of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2007; Lima, Peru, in 2009 an Arica, Chili, in 2011, it was evident the quick development of interdisciplinary research for the study and conservation of cultural heritage and archaeological and historical sites in our Latin-American region. This research is carried out with the contribution of sciences such as chemistry, physics, biology, geography and mathematics, among others, and archaeologists, art historians and conservators, mainly. Moreover, it is possible to determine the materials used for artifacts manufacturing, ancient technologies, provenance of objects, exchange processes and interaction spheres, chronology and dating, as well as the exploitation of raw materials by comparison with beds. The experimental data are also useful for conservation and restauration procedures of collections and objects.

The objective of this meeting is to create a space of discussion and to spread the knowledge of recent methodologies, new applications and practices, and outstanding archaeometric research in Latin America and other regions.