The international conference, entitled Interdisciplinary Studies of Ancient Materials from the Mediterranean will be held at the main campus of the University of Cyprus, in Nicosia, Cyprus, between the 17th and 19th of September 2014.
The conference will provide an opportunity for new and established researchers to share research in an international forum and to exchange ideas on the latest interdisciplinary approaches, analytical techniques and methodologies for the integrated study of ancient materials, technologies and the environment. The NARNIA network is a collaboration of researchers who are engaged in the holistic study of ancient materials to facilitate a better understanding of the strategies associated with the production and the consumption of material culture and its impact on the historic and ancient environment.
Oral and poster presentations of research projects that cut across disciplines, and combine archaeological and analytical data to aid archaeological and historical interpretation. Contributions that discuss ancient production techniques, the history of technology, cultural transformation at both local and regional scales are especially welcome. In addition to the papers that will be presented by the twenty NARNIA fellows, works presentations outside of the NARNIA network are encouraged.
Submitted papers and posters submitted by the 31st of March 2014 should fall under one or more of the following themes, which correspond to the work areas of the NARNIA project:

  1. The interdisciplinary study of ancient ceramics
  2. Ancient and historical glass production and trade
  3. Copper metallurgy across the Mediterranean
  4. Interdisciplinary assessments of architectural decoration (mosaics, wall-paintings, stone buildings
  5. Dating techniques and the palaeo-environment
  6. pXRF application in Archaeology

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