The next conference of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) will take place in Lyon on 2 to 6 July 2023. It proposes a satellite symposium Ceramics and glass in cultural heritage and art with the following themes:

  • Provenance studies of ceramics and glass and trade networks
  • Technological developments in ceramics and glass manufacture and their diffusion
  • Architectural ceramics and glass
  • Conservation and restoration issues in ceramics and glass
  • New techniques, new approaches to ceramics and glass
  • Ceramics and glass as anthropological and symbolic objects
  • Creation and innovation
  • Imitations, forgeries, authentification
  • Recycling, sustainability, environmental issues in cultural heritage and art

Do not hesitate to submit your propositions of communications and posters before 31 January 2023 through the conference website. There will be a specific registration for the satellite symposium XIII.

Anne BOUQUILLON, C2RMF Paris, France
Jana GÖBEL Porzellanikon Selb-Ploessberg, Germany
Yona WAKSMAN, CNRS UMR 5138 ArAr, Lyon, France

Claudia CASALIE, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy
Atika CHEMMI, Cité de la Céramique, France
Rhiannon EWING-JAMES, The Clay Foundation CIO, UK
Ian FREESTONE, University College London, UK
Celestino GRIFA, Università degli Studi del Sannio di Benevento, Italy
Philippe SCIAU, CNRS UPR 8011 CEMES, France
Antonín TOMÁSEK, Univerzita J. E. Purynĕ v Ùstí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Márcia VILARIGUES, Lisbon NOVA University, Portugal