The Gordon Research Conference on “Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research: Challenges and Complexity in Characterization and Conservation” will take place on July 27- August 1, 2014 in Newry (ME, USA).

The participation of young investigators is promoted through the allied Gordon Research Seminar “Molecular and Material Analysis for Art, Archaeometry and Conservation” (July 26-27, 2014, same location) and dedicated poster sessions at the GRC.

The 2014 conference will highlight the established and emerging disciplines involved and techniques employed to study artworks at a level necessary to characterize structure and chemistry required for the design of innovative restoration strategies and for novel, critical interpretation. From this, sessions will demonstrate (a) how advances in analytical and imaging probes have afforded an unprecedented view of complex materials and their make-up; (b) how such advances have led to innovative solutions for treatment and preventive conservation; and will (c) explore how this platform can lead to predictive tools for change.

The conference will encompass a broad portfolio of topics, including diagnosis, modes of alteration, biodeterioration, prevention and treatment in conservation, along with the in-depth exploration of surface and 3-D transport phenomena. Areas of focus will go from collagen-based materials and archaeological iron to modern and contemporary art, with a spotlight on advanced analytical methods of promise for Cultural Heritage applications.

The Conference offers a unique format that fosters extended and in-depth interdisciplinary discussion and provides a fruitful environment for the genesis of new research ideas by a diverse community of scientists and conservators at the forefront of their fields. Emphasis is placed on extended discussions during the sessions and speakers, and discussion leaders and attendees have numerous opportunities to interact outside of the structured sessions.

The registration date limit to participate and to submit a poster is the 29th June 2014

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