This year’s Goldschmidt conference in Florence (25-30 June) is a unique, and perhaps our last, opportunity to organise a session in memory of Jean Carignan. Session "Isotope Source Tracing" (24b), dedicated to the memory of Jean Carignan, will focus on isotope source tracing (including natural and anthropogenic sources and non-traditional stable isotope systems, as well as lead isotopes, paleopollution tracing, archaeometry etc...).

This session, dedicated to the memory of Jean Carignan, is open to scientific themes that Jean worked on throughout his career. We will especially focus on the use of isotopes systematic for tracing sources. An emphasis will be given to mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionation of non-traditional stable isotopes (e.g. Mg, Zn, Se, Cd, Pb, Hg, etc...) as source tracers

and for understanding cycles of elements in the environment (e.g. atmosphere, riverine and oceanic systems, soil-plant interactions, anthropogenic contamination, etc...). Contributions using Pb isotopes in archaeometry, metallogeny and crustal growth applications will also be welcome in this tribute session. All other relevant studies will be considered as well.

The fast-approachingdeadline for abstract submission is 12 April 2013.

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